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Get Your Smile Back

You deserve a beautiful healthy and modern smile.

Driven by a passion for excellence and backed by extensive training and experience we create attractive, affordable and long-lasting new smiles. With treatment options and payment plans that are customized just for you, it’s easy to imagine yourself with a beautiful, healthy and modern smile that will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family!

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Welcome to River District Modern Dentistry

You Deserve A Healthy Beautiful Smile

All-on-4, otherwise known as Teeth-In-A-Day, is a complete replacement for your teeth. Utilizing the benefits of dental implants, River District Modern Dentistry patients are now able to enjoy a beautiful smile and eat their favorite foods free of pain and frustration!

Creating Healthy Smiles since 2005

No-Cost Sedation

Sedation is
included with each All‑On‑4 permanent dental implant procedure.

Lasts Decades If Not A Lifetime

Dentures need to be replaced often. With proper hygiene, All‑On‑4 implants can last decades.

Quick, Desirable Results

All‑On‑4 is placed immediately – get the natural smile you’ve always wanted after one procedure.

How It Works

1. Book Your Consultation

We will meet with you and discuss your wants and needs. We will then offer a variety of solutions to get you the smile and function you deserve.

2. Smile Design Appointment

On this second appointment, we gather information about your bite by taking impressions, x-rays, and photos.

3. The Day Your Life Changes

You’ll undergo a procedure, fully sedated, and wake up with an entirely new set of teeth that is fixed to your mouth.

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